ENT NEWS: Exclusive Interview With – T Smart

GwariLoaded: Hello Sir How Do You Do?

T Smart: I’m fine hw u

GwariLoaded: In Your Own Terms Who Is T Smart

T Smart: T smart is my stage name and and I’m from Adamawa and base in Ngurore and I’m d CEO of Arewa Lyrical Vipers
I’m a rapper and also a performance artist, and a song writer

GwariLoaded: So Tell Us About Your Educational background?

T Smart: Ah I finish my primary school at Basic Nursery and primary school, and also did my Junior secondary school at same school that is Basic academic and I completed my senior secondary school at Government day senior secondary school ngurore
Recently I’m a secondarian I’m still about to further my education

GwariLoaded: When did you start music?

T Smart: I start d music game On Dec 2016

GwariLoaded: Through Out These Years There Have Been Challenges I Guess, Can You Mention Some Of These Challenges?

T Smart: Yea
I face many challenges in this music game really especially d first time I record a song wen I was still a wack artist
People have being taking about me that I’m not good in music some of my good friends have turn to b my worst enemy
Secondly d challang I face from my fellow music is sometime undescribable they have been beefing with trying just to make sure I quite this game but still I stand and focus base on logistics

GwariLoaded: Don’t worry bro Hustle must pay one day

T smart: Yes that’s d fact

GwariLoaded: For Now Did You Released Any Album Or E.P? If Not How Many Singles Have You Drops?

T smart: I have not drop album yet but I drop about 5 hit single

GwariLoaded: What Projects Are You Currently Working On?

T smart: Recently I just started working my new album

GwariLoaded: Should Your Fans Be Anticipating Something Like An Album Or E.P (Extended Play) From You Soon? Like This Year Or Next Year?

T smart: Yes of cos
Next year by God grace I will b releasing and album

GwariLoaded: Mention Your 2 Favourite Artists In Nigeria?

T smart: My favorite artist are M.I abaga and Wizkid

GwariLoaded: Who Is Your Role Model?

T smart: My role model is not a Nigerian is an American rapper
His name is Ace hood

GwariLoaded: What Can You Say About GWARILOADED?

T Smart: What I can say about gwariloaded is
Gwariloaded is d simplest way on hw to download ur favorite songs most especially d arewa music and it also help d upcoming to bring out there talent and show to d world
And my prayer 4 this website is may God promote it beyond there expectations

GwariLoaded: What Words Do You Have For Your Fans? And How Can They Get Or Download Your Music?

T Smart: D only thing i will says to all my fans out there is
D love and support they have been showing me is what keep me going and I promise to make them proud of Arewa, I feel grateful to them all I can say is THANK U
And for them to get my songs yes by God grace very all my songs will b on this website gwariloaded

GwariLoaded: Whats Your Favorite Food?

T Smart: Lol my favorite food is Beans and spaghetti

GwariLoaded: That Will Be All. We Really Appreciate Your Time And Effort, Hope To Do This Some Other Time.

T smart: Thanks a lot

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