ENT NEWS: Exclusive Interview With – ChiZo

GWARILOADED: Hello Sir In Briefly Introduce Your Self?

CHIZO: my name is Auwal a.k.a chizo a nigeria Hausa rapper from kaduna state.

GWARILOADED: So Tell Us About Your Educational Matter?

CHIZO: early education started at Jabal Annur Islamaiyya Primary school kaduna state in 2000,went to Gss Jere in 2006 and bagged ND(national diploma)2017 in medical laboratory science.

GWARILOADED: When did you start music?

CHIZO: since when I was a little boy at the age of 10,but officially exploit in 2014.

GWARILOADED: What inspired You in to music

CHIZO: Just interested on since I was a young,and I have inspired by listening to 2pac,B.i.g,Nas and j.Cole songs and other arteste that was what inspired me and it’s even my future ambition to be a musician.

GWARILOADED: Through Out These Years There Have Been Challenges I Guess, Can You Mention Some Of These Challenges?

CHIZO: Yes.there have been alots of challenges seriously,cz I wanted shooting video this year but due to some insufiance,Finiancial issues I couldn’t make it but insha Allah gon make soon that was the most challage I faced.

GWARILOADED: For Now Did You Released Any Album Or E.P? If Not How Many Singles Have You Drops?

CHIZO: Early this year I released my album Pure English meaning ‘Hausa zallah’ consisted of 25tracks inside.

GWARILOADED: Among The Tracks You’ve Droppped. Which Is Your Favorite?

CHIZO: My favorite song in pure English album is mama Nagode and other single is Man’s Northern hot (Arewa Yayi Dimii)

GWARILOADED: What Projects Are You Currently Working On?

CHIZO: Don’t have nw.,but soon gonna be working on another project tittle BBK (bamu buki kyauta).

GWARILOADED: Should Your Fans Be Anticipating Something Like An Album Or E.P (Extended Play) From You Soon? Like This Year Or Next Year?

CHIZO: Yeah..they Should be anticipating no dissapointing.

GWARILOADED: Mention Your 2 Favourite Artists In Nigeria?

CHIZO: Mi abaga and B.o.c

GWARILOADED: Who Is Your Role Model?

CHIZO: My mommy is my Role model.

GWARILOADED: What Can You Say About GwariLoaded?

CHIZO: Gwariloaded is an opportunistic websites or blog for an upcoming arteste,famous artestes all over.i love it cuz it promotes quickly,rapidly within a second.

GWARILOADED: What Words Do You Have For Your Fans? And How Can They Get Or Download Your Music?

CHIZO: I have nothing to say much,but always thank you fans for supporting me.always search on Google my latest tracks would be coming for you.

GWARILOADED: Haven’t Married Yet?

CHIZO: Yes,i haven’t

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