[Biography] Full Details of Jos based rapper 'MILLICROWNZ', real name networth, ....

[Biography] Full Details of Jos based rapper 'MILLICROWNZ', real name  networth, ....

MilliCrownz Emmanuel

Born into the family of Mr and Mrs Danjuma D Nimmyel in the late 90's, Nimmyel Emmanuel Domjul popularly known as Milli Crownz is a rapper, singer and Songwriter.

Currently a student of the Plateau State University, Bokkos, MilliCrownz completed his primary school education at Genesis at Genesis Learning Center, Abbatoir and his Secondary school education at Stepping Stone College, Langtang north, Plateau State.

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Until he officially began his music career, Milli Crownz started off as a chorister and then moving on to being the church drummer.

A year later, he released his first single titled KangKang produced by Dr Whyte Finger.

In 2018, he gained recognition after a disputation between himself and a rap star named Excel and ever since, Milli Crownz has been on it serving out amazing singles from his kitchen.

He just released an EP which is acclaimed by many as the best rap project at the moment, the Extended Play is titled "Young King" the EP.

It is available for streaming. Click link below to listen


MilliCrownz is currently a member of Dream House Records and also under the umbrella of the "TIOB(This is our business)" record label.

You can find him on all social media platforms @millicrownz09

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