[Biography] Full Biography of ERIC DAKWO - Nigerian Able Gospel Minister / Artist


[Biography] Full Biography of ERIC DAKWO - Nigerian Able Gospel Minister / Artist


Musician, musicologist, presenter , broadcaster, teacher,anchor and actor Eric Dakwo was born on May 1st,1992 in Lankan, Pankshin Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria.He started school at Government College Staff School, Pankshin 1997 to 2001.

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He proceeded to Fr. Macaulay Memorial Secondary School from 2001 to 2004.On transfer, he went to Government Secondary School Pankshin ,Pankshin LGA where he completed his secondary school from 2004-2007.2008 saw him through the university of Jos on admission to study mass communication.

Due to incessant strikes and crisis that plagued Jos, he graduated in 2014.He then served his nation in the compulsory Nysc scheme in 2015 in Delta State Nigeria.Upon return from service,the music passion in him since age 3 couldn't allow him, but join the university once again to obtain a second degree as a direct entry student.

This was from 2016 to 2021 with the one year delay due to Asuu strike and Corona virus pandemic that engulfed the world.

The Music Journey

[Biography] Full Biography of ERIC DAKWO - Nigerian Able Gospel Minister / Artist

Music for Eric Dakwo can only be imagined as he started with singing quite early from the time he could talk.This is evident when he sang to his mum as a baby about his cousin Julius who was his baby sitter.Julius ate his lunch and the best way for him was to report to his mum in music.

Though no one knows the reason behind the action of the baby adopting singing but can be inferred as pure prodigy in need for more horning.

The community based traditional music which allowed children to participate then offered Eric the privilege to be involved where he played with the Bel ensemble and sometimes mime alongside kwarak(Corn stalk) music and the ones from the church.These songs alongside his own arrangements where best sung by him around his activities.

That experience was improved upon when he was taken to Pankshin to stay with his uncle.In Pankshin, the Holy Cross Children's choir under the leadership of Fr.Emmanuel Kundum as a seminarian offered little Eric Dakwo the chance to sing from the hymn book.

His coy and timid nature couldn't allow him to join the now cathedral band but just appreciate the sound from a far.In school Fr.Macauley Memorial,a little opportunity was utilised as the hymnbook choir was sustained but fear of rejection by the singing team of the school still hindered him from joining but appreciated the classical pieces played by the then Vice principal Mr. Toshak Maximus. Meanwhile the radio and church still fed him with classical pieces. Since he left Fr. Macaulay for Government Secondary School Pankshin,he was left alone to develop himself.

[Biography] Full Biography of ERIC DAKWO - Nigerian Able Gospel Minister / Artist

There songwriting began and was taken serious upon graduation.Opportunity to study came and Eric through the guidance of his uncle secured admission to study mass communication.

How ironical it was time for writing news was shared with writing songs.Meanwhile Eric was already disturbing his dad for a guitar in which his dad couldn't phantom as a student journalist should have been asking for a midget or camera and not a guitar.

The struggle continued and Eric had to leave to stay at Gunduwawa Kano state to work for the guitar.At the close of studies for his first degree ,Eric enrolled with uncle Tim Ogundeko who started him on music theory and piano.Meanwhile Ebelechi ,Pam and Tangkat were already tutoring him on the guitar.

With much counselling and support from Mrs Judith Tiri ,Charles B of Rhythm FM network, and Mr and Mrs Peter Nanle, Eric continued with a 3 months course at Panam College of music ministry where his guitar, songwriting,singing,ministry of music,and music theory were retouched.With the ancestral flame still burning,Eric Dakwo decided to give in to the higher calling of partaking fully in the commission of music.

This then took him to the university of Jos to get more knowledge in the music department.There more instruments were added and more techniques acquired from fantastic lecturers,scholars, colleagues,friends etc.On 2nd of May 2021 to the glory of God,Heaven and earth witnessed the first born of his works an album titled Musical Offering a compilation of 11 songs.

The music continues and for Eric, he has only exploit his 40 percent and more is coming God's willing.

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