U.S.-Based Director IFE ADENIJI, a.k.a. VIDEODOPEDEALER, Compares Working In The U.S. and Nigeria

Ife Adeniji, a.k.a. the VIDEODOPEDEALER, is an internationally known Director and Video Producer whose work has seen the spotlight all around the world — his music video with renowned French artist Matt Pokora nears 19 million views on YouTube, and his many productions with artists from the U.S., Nigeria, and other countries have been featured on television and in publications such as the Huffington Post and Pitchfork. While the VIDEODOPEDEALER has cornered nearly every aspect of the music industry, his focus has been on the video production markets in the United States and Nigeria.

Having been in the industry and owning his own U.S.-based production house for over a decade, the VIDEODOPEDEALER can say that professionalism between the U.S. and Nigerian music and film industries are comparable. Every nation has dedicated and impassioned artists who are willing to put in the work to create something truly great; however, the production process must be approached in different ways.

Ife can say from his experience in both countries that the key difference between shooting in the U.S. and shooting in Nigeria is infrastructure. The convenience of security, transportation, and other such systems in the U.S. expedites the production process and allows a video director to produce content efficiently, and with all their bases covered with relative convenience.

In Nigeria, things are more unpredictable, and having worked with artists like Zlatan, Jamo Pyper, KINGP, and brands such as Eko Hotel, Ife can draw from first hand experience in saying that you can create some great visual content in Nigeria, but must have a combination of extreme preparation, backup redundancies, and luck on your side.

One key advantage the VIDEODOPEDEALER has noticed while shooting in Nigeria is that it is often the more economic option. Your budget will get you further, and you can produce things like higher-end set pieces and hire a larger crew for the same budget that in the U.S. would get you a lot less. Shooting in Nigeria has allowed the VIDEODOPEDEALER to work with countless passionate artists at all levels of production who together were able to create some truly great work. While the U.S. may have the convenience of infrastructure, it’s still a whole different ball game in terms of what your budget can get. There are pros and cons to shooting in the U.S., Nigeria, or any country, and it’s important for a director to understand these nuances so that they can shoot efficiently, expertly, and get the best content possible with the resources they have.

Ife Adeniji has continued to produce top-end visual content in the U.S., and already has several Nigerian productions scheduled for later this year. He excitedly approaches the challenges that come with each, and will keep expanding his influence in the music and video industries in the months to come.

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