This guy in a BMW called my girlfriend


This guy in a BMW called my girlfriend
I was taking a lovely walk👫 with my bae yesterday evening, 💏😘💞and suddenly a Certain guy stopped with his BMW car and started calling my girlfriend😏

She wanted to say No✋but I allowed her to Go and see why she was being called😊..

After she reached where the car was, they started chatting laughing and I couldn't hear what the conversation was all about plus I was busy waiting for her😏

She got inside the car then I walked to them asked "Joyce what are you doing, let's go😒"

She smiled and said "Steve my brother just go home I'll find you😊"

😮 I was Shocked to be called "Brother" by my own Girlfriend then I thought🤔 for a while and came up with an idea..

I also smiled😊 and said "But sister you haven't taken your HIV drugs and it's afternoon already remember what the doctor said that your HIV is chronic oooo😏".

Immediately she was kicked out of the car😀😁😂

I laughed 😂😂

The question is am I wicked ?😋

Good afternoon🚶

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