Summary of Ayaweisoft Meeting held 8th January 2022 #Isabi


Summary of Ayaweisoft Meeting held 8th January 2022 #Isabi


1. Charles - president and founder jewels of Nigeria.

2. Cornel Opara

3. Alfred jerry simon

4. Odisi ebiyeladou

5. Gbalam prince

6. Onus obriki

7. Oscar Igrubia

8. Precious Ayawei

9. Progress Ayawei

10. Promise Ayawei

11. Lare 

12. Tonye dick bark

13. Andrew Gogo

Re-Cap/ summary

1. The meeting began off with an opening prayer, welcome address and the introduction of participants there present by promise Ayawei.

2. Next the list of projects, partners and partnerships to be run or executed by the company thus far as at 7th January 2022 was neatly outlined. You can refer to the order of program to view the comprehensive list.

3. Mr Charles - president of jewels of Nigeria. Was a visiting guest and speaker as he briefed the house about the nature and scope of the beauty pageantry event as world class and international. He also stated how crucial the role of ayaweisoft limited was to the success of the entire event. Stating that *'AYAWEISOFT LIMITED IS THE TECHNICAL AND MEDIA PARTNER TO THE EVENT'* 

 4. We also clearly stated the goal for the first quarter (January - April) of the year. They are;

I. I-sabi app to have a minimum of 2000 active users who constantly visit the app at least thrice a week to play i-sabi quiz or participate in ticketing or voting events.

Ii. To have a regular monthly net income of N300,000

Iii. Have a minimum of 30 clients subscribing for our digital content management service.

V. Have employees on active payroll by the last week of April 2022.

In conclusion;

The meeting ended with a serious note of appreciation to all unit heads and leaders for their efforts last year.

And added that we will be moving very quickly this year and that every leader should brazen up. 

Meeting ended with a closing prayer.

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