[Biography] Full biography of Djrobitonzz Uba - Enugu made Disc jockey


[Biography] Full biography of Djrobitonzz Uba - Enugu made Disc jockey

Djrobitonzz Uba has done a lot to promote the Enugu music industry and Nigerian music industry, are large with his consistent mixtapes and active Involvement in Events around the country. Read his full biography below

FULL NAME: My name is Odo Chinwuba Robinson.

STAGE NAME: My stage name is DjRobitonzz Uba.

SECONDARY SCHOOL:  I schooled at community secondary school Isienu in Nsukka.

UNIVERSITY:  Studied at University of Nigeria Nsukka

COURSE OF STUDY: I studied Music.

PREVIOUS SONGS: I have dropped two of my own songs so far which are "Show Me" ft Shawer, Olaedo paragon and New prince and another one titled Odinaka ft Suncrus and New prince.

RECORD LABEL: The name of my label is Robitonzz entertainment fully registered under CAC.

STATE OF ORIGIN: I am from Enugu state.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Udenu local government area Orba in Nsukka

TRIBE: Full blooded Nwa Igbo.

BEST MUSIC GENRE: To me this question sound's funny 😃, reason being that as a sound engineer, producer, dj and a passionate lover of good sounds, I will tell you I don't have a choice when it comes to genre. I love every organised and quality sound with my heart.

BEST ACT: . Hhmmm, well this is also a difficult one because I love many of them doing extremely well but if I must choose, I would say Wizkid 😃

DATE OF BIRTH:  9th jan 1989.

AGE: 33 years.

FEMALE CRUSH: ehehe, well I have many of them but I will pick few for now which are Yemi Alade, Tems, Dj Cuppy, Tiwa Savage and many others.

SIDE HUZZLE: Well, currently I do nothing outside entertainment so it simply means no.

[Biography] Full biography of Djrobitonzz Uba - Enugu made Disc jockey

DREAM LINKUP:  Simply Wizkid 😃.

WORD TO FANS:  First of all, I would love to appreciate your show of love and vibes towards all my works nd projects, it has really ignited me to do more and I love you all for that, again I want to encourage you to keep working and remain consistent in all you do because to the best of my knowledge, there is always a pay day. Cheers🥂🥂

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook=DJRobitonzz Uba

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