10 Things 2021 Taught Me #2021


10 Things 2021 Taught Me
10 Things 2021 Taught Me

1. Not everyone who is with you is for you. Pay attention to who doesn’t clap when you win. 

2. Being influential on the internet and powerful in the spiritual realm aren’t always the same. 

3. Your friends and family are more likely to support your addictions than your investments in yourself. 

4. Protect your time. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time. 

5. Health is wealth. Don’t do a diet, do a “lifestyle”. 

6. The people closest to you are the least likely to support your next level because your mediocrity comforts their inactivity. Do you have a circle or a cage? 

7. Godly wisdom will always sound like foolishness to the world. But the wise walk with the wise. Let people leave when you make a wise decision. How can two walk together lest they agree? 

8. The windshield is larger than the rear view mirror. Spend more time looking into the future than examining the past. You can’t change what happened, but you can still change your course ahead. 

9. Your hobbies matter to God. Rollerblading, golfing, knitting, writing, or whatever you do—restore you in order to get back in the fight. Every fighter has to retreat to the corner of the ring to be refreshed. 

10. God always fulfills His promises. See the answer from His perspective, not the lens of your expectations. His ways are higher than our ways! Worship Him for how it happened instead of being silent because it happened! He's working all things together for your good.

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