You Left Home To Hustle , Mama Prayed For You #hustle


You Left Home To Hustle , Mama Prayed For You
You Left Home To Hustle , Mama Prayed For You.. You Started Hustling, Mama Was Still Praying for You.. You Don't Even Call Mama But She Was Still Praying For you, Hoping for the Best For You. Now You Made It, You Have Forgotten About Mama. You Bought An iPhone For a Girl Who wasn't Present In Your Hustling Days.. 

Mama Still Uses an Old Phone With Rubber band Holding The Case Tight Together. You Go and See Mama With your Luxurious Car and Give Mama Only 5000 shillings. Mama Was Still Praying For you. But You Always Take your Girl for Shopping Every Month. Mama Is still Wearing The old Clothes Your Dad Bought For Her Years Ago. With all These Mama Was Still Praying For You.  

Mama Calls You everyday But You Don't pick Up, You Tell Your friends Mama Worries A lot. God is Watching But Mama is Still Praying For You. Now Mama Is No More, Mama Died Of Hunger and Stress, Things Became worse For you Co's ALL Your Well Being was Because of Mama's Prayer for you everyday. Now Your Girl has left you Co's you broke now. 

 My Guy, Don't Wait for Anybody To advice you, After Reading this, Just Change Your attitude Towards Mama. Take very good care of her and Be Wise. Co's Even If Mama Cry Because of you, It's a curse. #BeWise #LearnLife #TruthHurt

#Take care of mama

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