Types Of SCAMS In Nigeria #scam


Types Of SCAMS In Nigeria
Types Of SCAMS In Nigeria

1. Send me your CV - Scam

2. We'll get back to you. - Scam

3. I love you more than I love my wife - scam

4. Police is your Friend - Scam

5 The youths are the future leaders - Scam

6. MTN 1month Data - Scam

7. Your vote counts - Scam

8. Send me Money to visit you - Scam

9. It’s in the pipeline - scam

10. Super Eagles - scam

11. I'll just touch, l won't enter you - Scam

12. I have a girlfriend but it's complicated-double Scam

13. This is not a scam - scam

14. Our school is the best - scam

15. Come over I want to show you

something - scam

16. Oh he’s just a childhood friend - scam

17. My rent is expired - BIG scam

18. He's like a brother to me- scam

19. Oh she be my brother Club padi - scam

20. I'm with the boys - scam

21. I promise I wont tell anyone - Scam

22. I saw you in my dreams giving you - Scam

23. Baby, I'll be home in a few minutes -


24. She is just a friend - chief scam

25. A: Lets do a video call

B: Sorry my network is bad, my battery is low, my room is dark - scam scam scam

26. I like Bald headed men - shiny scam

27. Short men are sexy - scam

28. Your mother is a witch. She is the cause of your woes - scam

29. Baby, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen - Real Scam

30. Why didn’t I meet you before marrying my wife? - Scammest scam of them all

31. Babe I have half of my registration fees, can you assist me with the balance? deadline is tomorrow - Another BIG scam

32. No one has ever made me feel this way - Scam

33. Where have you been all my life - scam

34. I don near you - scam

35. I just got alert 100k after paying 10k- scam 

36.Pay First it will double your money - scam.

37. Sai BABA- just run it's a big Scam

38. PDP are better than APC- useless Scammmmmmm

39. APC are better than PDP- a shameless Scam

40. ASUU are fighting for the interest of the NIGERIAN students- Scammmmmmm

All na Scammmm..........😐😬😄

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