Nelly Splits From Shantel Jackson After 7 Years #shanteljackson

Nelly Splits From Shantel Jackson After 7 Years
American singer and song writer, Nelly and his longtime girlfriend Shantel Jackson have decided to end their 7-year relationship.
The singer’s girlfriend, Ms. Jackson confirmed her split from the rapper after nearly 7 years of dating.

Shantel confirmed her relationship status after a fan commented on her photo while asking if she’s still dating the singer.

During an interview, Shantel later revealed that they are currently in a break to see if it will help them get back stronger. According to her, she has been with Nelly through thick and thin, during tours and all of that.
However, things began to fall apart the money she decided to stay back home and build her own shoe business. They began to fall apart and decided that break was much needed to try and salvage what they have.

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