I Want A Close Friend #story


I Want A Close Friend
I Want A Close Friend Who Won't Mind Me Laying My Head On Her Thighs 🥺 And Whenever We Chilling I'll Have My Legs Crossed Over Her Or Her's Over Mine❤️ Who'll Lay Her Head On Me &Let Me Play With Her Hair While I Read My Books Or Listen To Music .... Who'll Sing Along To My Favorite Song With Me,Let Me Sing Along With Her To Hers Too.Who Won't Find My Silence Offensive Or Uncomfortable But Embrace Me Just Being There 🥺❤️ Who'll Hug Me Everytime When She Sees Me ,Hold My Hand When I Get Anxious In Public 🙄When My Social Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of Me... Who'll Show Up Unannounced And Go Straight To My Pots Or Fridge On Some "What Are We Eating Bitch I'm Hungry"😂😩. Who'll Let Me Baby Her When She's Sick,Who'll Randomly Slap My Ass When I Zone Out From Reality,Tickle Me When I'm Being Moody,Make Me Laugh,Laugh With Me,Cry With Me,Be With Me When I Feel Needy,Travel Home With Me🥺....Eat My Food,Drink My Juice Without Asking Consent On Some "Your Food Is My Food...😌" ...Someone To Take Pictures With,Get Matching Pyjamas With,Have Make Over Nights With(Do Each Other's Nails,Twizz Each Others Eyebrows,Do Each Other's Hair).😩I'm Talking About That One Friend Who'll Be In My Mind When I Have News To Share,Good Or Bad !...Someone I Can Call When I'm In A Complex Situation That Needs A Second Opinion ,Or When I Need Rescuing. 😭😩

I Just Wanna Be Water Tight With Somebody's Daughter 🥺

For That Friend!😭🕯️🕯️

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