I know the pain


I know the pain
I know the pain of staying home 🏡not working 

I know the pain💔of seeing things falling apart💔

I know the pain😢of stressing about the next meal🍜

l know the pain😢of seeing your friends prosper and you stuck in one place💔

I know the pain😭of being a laughing stock💔

I know the pain💔of begging👐and borrowing💔

I know the pain 😭of have nothing in your bank account💳

l know the pain💔of being a burden to your friends and family💔

I know the pain😭of wearing same clothes👖👗 over and over again💔

I also know the pain of having suicidal thoughts😭😢💔

Guys I know the pain...

But still..let's not give up

God loves us...💔all things shall be well!!!♥

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