Alicia Keys Goes Independent, Gets Praise From Swizz Beatz And Jay-Z #aliciakeys

Alicia Keys Goes Independent, Gets Praise From Swizz Beatz And Jay-Z
The iconic singer recently shared her 8th studio album, and with this labor of love comes the announcement that Keys is now a freelance artist.

This comes 20 years after the release of her debut album. Alicia dropped her first classic album songs in sub, and with keys, her most recent, the singer fulfilled her contract with Sony.

She first mentioned it during her viral chat on Twitter Spaces that hosted Look from Jay-Z. At the time, Hov congratulated his longtime girlfriend on her achievement.

He reportedly said, Congratulations, first of all, this is an achievement genius. The fact that you signed on to a trademark for twenty years is pretty cool in itself, but the fact that you were able to complete your contract, not many people were given that. Rarely does it happen to someone to maintain a fit through contact like that.

As we all know, her proud husband, Swizz Beatz, never misses a moment to compliment his wife and share his excitement, he wrote; Congratulations my love this Big Big Big News and you totally deserve it! 20 years of greatness!” He wrote on Instagram

A groundbreaking and unforgettable moments! I love that you have such freedom at this time in your life, it’s rare!!!! You are for everyone who has supported since day one and those who are supporting now! aliciakeys is just getting started, let’s go [crown emojis] Shout out to every independent woman around the world!!!!

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