A Last Letter to the World and my Detractors #letter


A Last Letter to the World 🌎 and my Detractors
A Last Letter to the World 🌎 and my Detractors!

If there‘s ever one great achievement I should praise myself after my years of existence on this turbulent planet called earth, then it was my ability to resist the temptation to reply others. Not only did you reduce my personality to that of a nonentity but you also created the platform for boys and girls young enough to be my children to subject me to ridicule and contempt.

Like a refuse dump, I endured all the insults and your humiliation with peerless stoicism.But today, I’m unable to keep quiet and allow you to go on this way. I make this appeal not for my own sake, but for the sake of my family members, who are already swaying wearily under heavy weight of-indescribable grief.

I can’t tell if you were in the place of God to determine how long I could have lived. But what I know for a fact that if you, your spouse and those who like you had shown me a little love, I could have lived for a few more years.

The deterioration in my health, I think, had more to do with psychological torture than a physiological breakdown. Any healthy person put in my shoes might not have survived after a few months of going through the hell you created for me. What made the vulture bald is enough to kill the crow. And I can say that the frustration and depression that conspired with ill health to put me here after many years of battle was enough to finish any healthy person in months.

I didn’t die a happy man. This is not because I had not paid my dues to the world. I have served this world well as a public officer, a Counsellor, a learner, a sports administrator, a teacher, a coach, a politician and everything in-between. But I spent sleepless nights of my short life thinking why nothing I did seemed to please you and others around you.

I was aware, long before, that anybody in my position must expect opposition. But in my case, I had to contend with both internal and external opposition and nothing I did seemed to please people.

And I don’t understand why you and my haters now care so much about my life.

Indeed, you’re behaving like outsiders weeping more than the bereaved and now pretend you now wanted me to live. Are you offended you will not have the opportunity to torment me again?

I must, however, say I have no regret going at this stage. I believe the Lord I served knew it would happen. He also permitted it to happen. His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not ours. I know everything happens for a reason, and this World has more to gain that lose in my demise.

Another gain my death has for the World is the enormous lessons you have to learn. The events leading to my death only confirms what the Bible says in Proverbs 18:21: “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

Many people swore that I would die early because I made decisions that never favoured them. And they have got it. That’s the fruit of their tongue.

Perhaps, the World can learn to utter positive things about life and it will surely come to pass.

Another lesson from which the World stands to gain is the fact that life is meaningless and there’s no point hating, killing and trying to bring one another down because of power.

A few days ago, not many people could come near me. People had to book appointments and go heaven and earth to speak to me because I seemed extremely busy and my phone was always hot.

From where I lie now, I see life as meaningless.

Now I share the same building with ordinary people. I sleep here together with that mad woman who was knocked down by a vehicle the other day, and many other categories of persons no one would want to be associated with. That is the reality of life, which I think the World should learn.

Death is, indeed, a leveller.

I also see now that life is not about wealth. Real wealth is the impact you make in the lives of others when you’re alive. When my soul was leaving my body, I did not pick with me an office pin. And when I was been dumped here, no designer wear was used to cover me.Here I am, cold and naked.

All of a sudden, I’m in the hands of mortuary man who utters disdainful words. “Counsellor” was my name a few days ago. But the mortuary attendant contemptuously refers to me as “the body.”

All is vanity, indeed.

I see life differently and I think instead of spending the rest of your life to vilify me, you can do yourself a favour by learning from my life and death. No one will ever become a stone.

Everyone is bound to go. That is the certainty. What is uncertain is where, when and how we shall go. Yours may be better or worse than mine so be moderate in your attacks of me. You don’t know your end.

When I woke up that day, I didn’t know that before sunset, I would cease to have life in it's fullness. Whether I lived longer or not, it would have come one day.

But as I have stated, I have no regrets. I lived my life for humanity. I wanted to see others happy and did the best I could to bring myself to the level of the ordinary person. But the quest to demonise me clouded everything I did. I tried to share the pain of others. I sometimes felt like weeping because only the negative side was known and propagated.

And they still believed every lie and malicious rumour about me even when some people came out to confess that they had preferred falsehood about me.

But I appeal to you in the name of the Lord to spare me any more disgrace.

I have suffered a lot.

I know I was not an angel. I had my shortcoming. But it's left with the Lord I served to judge me where I am now.

You too were not an angel either. Your life fraught with problems but others helped you to succeed.

Our elders say a drum may sound differently from what its maker intended. If you think you were infallible, I think otherwise and I pray the World to forgive me in whatever way I erred.

From where I lie, cold and naked, I still think it is worth dying for someone to enjoy. I realised that afternoon that when your time is up, no amount of power, wealth or influence can make any difference.

I greet all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We shall all meet again when Christ appears, in all his glory and splendour, to welcome those who were never ashamed of Him into His eternal kingdom.

Until then I remain your humble servant,

Counsellor, or “the body” as the mortuary attendant here calls me.

Don't just despise others with disdain if you can't do what they do....just encourage and pray for them 🙏

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