The Issues Benue state university medical students face with Family members


The Issues Benue state university medical students face with Family members
There is a popular saying in northern Nigeria that ‘When you come newly to a place, and want to live in peace, at the start, do not give anyone respect you cant continue giving’. What does this mean, do not raise people expectations too high, and start taking it under, it breaches contract.

 The college of health sciences of Benue state university, makurdi is a center for training medical students, of which many suffer in silence, why is this so? Once you get admission into the college of health sciences and start wearing cooperate clothes, well ironed, snap and post on social media handles, family relatives automatically feel you are rich, your uncle that use to send you 2,000 naira will call you and first thing he will say is , ‘ BIG MAN or BIG WOMAN’. This controversy didn’t just get to happen, this was the reason for conclusion that medical students are rich


When the college of health sciences makurdi was started, medical students who reached a certain class were paid between 80,000 naira to 150,000 naira. Getting to this level, a medical student before could pay his school fees and even feed his mother, some bought cars and married in school, of course some blew money in club houses.


The payment of medical students has since been canceled by the benue state government, what the general public don’t know and it hurts a lot, because even the medical students are not helping matters, they still catch levels as if they have money, when people give them respect above their status, they don’t tell them the real facts happening, so these are bunch of hungry people floating in respect. Oh no!! Benue state university medical students are facing a lot.

The ones I pity the most are medical students in 400lv, 500lv and 600lv. At these stage your family relatives feel you are already a doctor and should be sending them money already when guys be on a steady jonzing. It is well tho. LMAO these is the issue we face, somebody voice out to the public that medical students are mere students and our uncles still owe us those 2ks and 5ks, they help alot

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