MOVIES: Movie Review: Find out if ‘Bad Boys and Bridesmaids’ is worth your time #badboysandbridesmaids

MOVIES: Movie Review: Find out if ‘Bad Boys and Bridesmaids’ is worth your time #badboysandbridesmaids

The groom, surprised, told his friends about this, and he and his other three friends decided to find out if that was true by giving themselves the assignment of sleeping with each of the bridesmaids, including the groom sleeping with his bride before the said wedding night. They put a price tag of $5,000, and then the quest for sex started. Wondering where that ended? You will have to find out yourself.

Well, just like the title predicted, the movie is a cute romantic comedy that, although a spectacular one, it wouldn’t be considered a bad one. Honestly, the writer could have been more impressive by adding a little more twist to it as the movie could be easily predicted by a very analytical person. There was barely any element of surprise, and there was also really no wow moment throughout the movie. Really, the storyline was okay but was really bland. Considering the level at which Nollywood is getting to, the writer could have done better with the storyline. In all of these, the fact that the movie had very few cast was an extra, and you would almost not notice that there are not so many actors in it.

The directing isn’t so exceptional, but again, it would pass for being fair. However, considering the director’s previous work, that was definitely not his best shot at directing. One thing to note, though is that the casting with perfect, and although the acting was just fair and average, the casting was a sweet one. And then the pairing of the groomsmen with the bridesmaid? It was just perfect.

One cannot look away from the effort Mai Atafo put into the costuming, and that is one thing that would put smiles on your face throughout the movie.

One question the director needs to answer is what that was at the end of the movie. Like it is very unrealistic for a bride to sleep off on her wedding day. Beyond the excitement, her friends left the hotel without her? She didn’t get a make-up artist?

Her husband, whom she was in the hotel with, didn’t check her in the morning? That scene was totally unnecessary and unrealistic.
As a whole, Bad Boys and Bridesmaids would pass for an average movie, and in ratings, it would get a 5/10

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