French Montana Declares Himself 1st Rapper With A 3D Billboard On Times Square #frenchmontana

French Montana released his 4th studio album, “They Got Amnesia” and he is taking its promotion to another level.

In Times Square on Saturday French captured a video of a new billboard featuring the album, only more interesting. The billboard depicts an animated version of the rapper getting up from a hospital bed and aware of the crowd looking at him below.

Animated French Montana then taps the glass and the billboard goes black, reminding viewers his album is currently available on digital streaming platforms and in stores.

“FIRST RAPPER WITH THE 3D BILLBOARD IN NY,” French Montana wrote on Instagram.

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They Got Amnesia was supposed to include appearances from Drake, Kodak Black, Doja Cat, and many more. However, Drake’s feature was pulled due to a lyric about Kim Kardashian, as well as being faced with a #435 Billion lawsuit, alongside Travis Scott, Champagne Papi, Apple Music, and more, following Astroworld tragedy.

Also, a source close to Champagne Papi told TMZ he didn’t think this is the best time to put out new music because out of respect for those impacted by the deaths that occurred almost two weeks ago. Drake is reportedly still dealing with the tragic events himself.

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