COMPLETE: Iljimae Season 01 Episode 01[Korean Drama #iljimae

COMPLETE: Iljimae Season 01 Episode 01 – 20 [Korean Drama

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Geom is the son of a virtuous nobleman, Lee Won Ho, who is a trustworthy supporter and brother to the king and a central member of the secret organization, Cheonwoohoe, comprised of important nobles and with the king as their leader. He lives peacefully in a house with many plum trees with his wife, daughter, and son. However, a mysterious rumor is spread that he is plotting to overthrow the king. Knowing about this, the king kills Lee Won Ho as he believes that ‘two suns cannot exist on the same sky’. Geom witnesses the incident from the inside of a safe where his father hid him. Later, he is saved and adopted by a retired thief, Seo Dol, after he becomes stricken with amnesia due to the shock of losing his father and being forced to throw a rock at his mother’s head to prove that he was not the son. 13 years later, Geom, who was renamed Ryung by Seo Dol, starts to regain his memories and begins to search for his older sister, Yeon, only to see her being sentenced and hanged. The …

Genre: Action | History | Romance

Run time: 65 min

Season: 01

Episode: 01 – 20

Language: Korean

Subtitle: English

Release Date: 21 May 2008 (South Korea)

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