Skiilaashii Profile

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Nigerian vocalist/Music producer SKIILAASHII blends traditional African elements with global mainstream pop for a sound that's equal parts intriguing and infectious. He quickly grew from club-ready early songs to charting tracks and features from big names like Marley Pounz, Gsreal and DK Vibez on his 2020 Singles (Bad Man, Pray For Grace and Shoddy Control. SKIILAASHII was born Pam Gyang Matthew in Nigeria, Jos, in 2000. His interest in music began while attending Salama Kiddies Primary School,Anguldi in his late childhood days, and he started making his own beats and investigating music production. He dropped out of school and began pursuing music full-time in 2021, relocating to Abuja, Nigeria, and releasing his debut single, "Feelings," in 22021. The single received some attention for its mix of clubby production, high-energy vocals, and Afro-pop rhythms, and was followed shortly by second single "SupaNova."


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