Online Class On Contraceptives (18) ~ Condom

Online Class On Contraceptives (18)  ~ Condom

In one of my outstations, a young boy of 20 got a girl pregnant. The family of the girl asked their daughter to go and stay with the boy that got her pregnant. But the boy denied the pregnancy. 

It became a big issue, and I was called to handle it. When I asked the young man in English language why he thinks the pregnancy was not his, in trying to reply me in English he said: " But Fada, we condomized."

I did not know when I started laughing. I had to apologize later.

Make una no vex, our generation is a condomized generation.

Growing up, the first time I saw a condom was in my uncle's bag (he is late now.) I never knew what it was. I was 13 then.

Why I still remember that day is because the name "gold circle" was written on it. I still remembered how I was literally looking through the wrapper if there was gold inside. I was that naive!

But of course, the case is different in our generation today. Worst still with social media, even a child of 7 or 8 may already have an idea of what condom is, it is no longer like in those days where even teenagers may pick it up either from the bin and mistake it for balloon.

But suffice it to say that the work of a condom is to form a physical barrier which blocks semen from entering the body of a sexual partner. 

There are male and female condom. The male condom is majorly made from latex. Of course there were rubber condoms in 1855 before the 1920s when the latex came on board. The female condom is mostly from polyurethane.

That condom can burst or leak out semen is already an obvious fact. This is why, like the young boy in my outstation, you can still "condomized" and the woman will still be "pregnantized." 

There are cases in which the condom during sex can pull out from the penis into the uterus. These realities are possible because sex involves so much passion and energy that people even lose their reasoning temporary.

Again, women are usually the beneficiaries of the many side effects in contraceptive. There are lots of people with allergy to latex which can cause allergic symptoms such as skin irritation, itching etc.

In fact, there are people with severe latex allergies, using a latex condom can potentially be life-threatening to them. If one use latex condoms more often, it is also a possibility that some will develop latex allergies.

I am sure you are aware that condoms contain spermicides? Irritation can occur due to this.

But aside all these, and in fact, aside all the things church will tell you, let us look at this objectively. 

This is solely my thoughts and I will like to hear yours. . .

I do not really consider couples having sex with condom as truly giving themselves or emptying themselves wholly to their partners.

Let's face the fact, using Condom is like wearing a hand glove to shake your wife. The skin is a sense organ, the way it feels with gloves, is different from the way it feels without it. And even at that, imagine before someone shakes you, he goes to wear hand gloves. Imagine wearing face mask to kiss your spouse. It shows you are either sick or suspicious of each other. 

The use of condom is a weird stuff that we have normalized. It is not as if there is no better way. If the woman can only get pregnant only one day in a cycle, with abundant mucus sign for all to see, then we are either simply indiscipline or unwilling to learn.




📷 Yes, it is a condomized umbrella.

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