Online Class on Contraception (25) #Arewapublisize

Online Class on Contraception (25) #Arewapublisize

~ Conclusion

Two major things I discovered at the course of this online class on contraception: first is the level of ignorance in us and secondly is the failure of our educational system to bridge that gap.

Someone shared with me how prior to this class she thought the mucus from her vagina is an infection and how she regularly treats it with local herbs.

Others shared with me on how they see mucus occasionally, but had no idea what it meant.

I have interviewed some women in my parish here. . .hmmm you won't really like to hear what they think. One told me that it is a sign that her husband is starving sexually and needs her in bed.

Funny right?

Let us ask ourselves, how many young girls are properly taught about their periods? For those who managed to educate their children on menstrual flow, did you mention to her anything about mucus and what they represent? What do your male children know about a woman's cycle?

We laugh at our grandparents who taught their girl children that if any man touches them they will get pregnant. . .but in all our Android and Google age, what difference have we made?

What people regard as sex education today is to teach students how to use condom. There you will see shameless graduates or NYSC members going round secondary schools distributing condoms in the name of sex education.

Even if contraceptives are to be taught in schools, it should be taught as an alternative means of birth control (that is, if we are to keep religious sentiments aside). 

The body already has a mechanism which is very effective in birth control. Contraceptives on the other hand are also effective but they come with a price and risk that are sometimes riskier than the 'risk' of pregnancy. Added to that, in contraceptives, all the risk and side effects are suffered mostly by the woman alone.

How can you teach a child how to use pills or implants or condom, without first teaching the child the workings of her/his body when it comes to sex and conception? How come people graduate from universities but are just hearing for the first time about cervical mucus, what they do and when they are secreted, yet they know everything about contraceptives?

If half of what is spent on free condoms and other contraceptives sponsored by international organisation are used for enlightenment on understanding how our bodies work, the demand for contraceptives will go down. But that will mean "spoiling" their contraceptive business.

Some of you take pleasure in coming to tell me how your cycle is irregular and how natural planning is not for you. Sweetheart, you are beautifully made. There is "regular" in "irregular". . . There is consistency in inconsistency. You are almost 30 years old and you have never sat down to study the regularity in your irregular cycle to appreciate the beauty in your uniqueness? It is a shame, a big shame actually.

I am out of here meahn!

(Teacher walks out of the class. . . At the door, he remembers something. Then, standing and leaning towards the wall close to the door, he spoke gently. . .)

"Please, if you have followed this series, do well to write a feedback(s) to me. How was it generally? What can I improve on? Again, I am already compiling the writeup into PDF or a small book, I may also like to publish some of your feedbacks in the book, if you don't mind. See ya. . .! Remain blessed!"





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