[news] What to expect from Ereh mystique’s new album ,Trip to good music’ #Arewapublisize


[news] What to expect from mystique’s new album ,Trip to good music’ #Arewapublisize

Ereh Mystiques remains one of the biggest self made artists who have ever walk across the city of jos, plateau state. Fund all his activities single handedly and owns a functional record label too. 

Mystiques also holds the record for the longest period of hype, the TRIP TO GOOD MUSIC al-

bum has been on this regular hashtag since last year and for real time flies, like for real time

flies, we are in October already and the album drops in two days. 

TRENDING: Music] Mystiques - Chase

If you would ask me what to expect on mystique’s TRIP TO GOOD MUSIC, All I see is mad ass

features, fam, a total of 15 songs, a type of long list only MARKSHEDY drops. Big thing coming

our way.

The artists featured on mystique’s album are all A-LIST jos artists and this getting nervous, see

top names like — Sardonyx, Markshedy, Troitez, Prime wrld, Flair Amalii, Dj maf dee, MBs,

King Dratzy, and pro vee and a mind blowing 5 ingles to drop along, this is real hot.

The idoma-jos boy taps his music inspiration from mainly Alte music makers like BOJ, Show

dem camp, M.I abaga and Jesse jagz, sings and also rap barz, see the tracklist below and antic-

ipate TRIP TO GOOD MUSIC by mystiques:

[news] What to expect from mystique’s new album ,Trip to good music’ #Arewapublisize

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