Meet Aluta Jango 'Most senior comrade', most talked about University of Jos graduate #Arewapublisize

Meet Aluta Jango 'Most senior comrade', most talked about University of Jos graduate #Arewapublisize
Congratulations to Aluta Jango.

I have read alot of posts written in respect to Jango and feels it will be right to add up little that I have known about this fellow.

Jango as commonly referred is a student of University of Jos who is so friendly, ambitious,lovely among his fellow students.

I sincerely can't say exactly when he got admission into this prestigious University but researched counted him lucky to have undergo Diploma programme from the said institution.

Unfortunately for him,he couldn't gain admission to further up his education as a student who finished Diploma.

He refused giving up and choosed to stay back within the school environment making friends amongst students and staff of the institution for a long period of time.

He kept all desires and challenges alive and continued hoping for a brighter light to shine upon him someday,luckily enough he got an admission into 100level.That's how miraculously many stories about him changed.

Aluta Jango from my experience with him is a good and sincere unionist that hardly trade his words for money or position whenever his support is solicited.

Meet Aluta Jango 'Most senior comrade', most talked about University of Jos graduate #Arewapublisize

When it comes to elections within and outside of University of Jos,there is no first comrade that will be confronted before Jango.He is more of a Unionism Jagaba.

He used most of his moments with ladies while in the institution with many judging him as the ladies man because of how often he relates with them.

But then,I feel Jango is a wiseman with foresight.He utilized every person in his life for mostly elections purposes because hardly people turn his requests down when it comes to choice of who to support during elections.

Jango was part of those who supported my aspiration while in the institution as Faculty of Environmental Science Director of Socials in 2017.

With Jango on my side,we won.

I'm not only going to celebrate Jango today because he graduated,No.I celebrate him today because he is a believer and honest being.

Even former Vice Chancellor, Professor Sabastien Maimako solicited for Jango supports before he won that seat in the University,Jango get levels.

Congratulations once more!!!

Many gave up but he made it.

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