Go and Take Your smelling tithe - Mtchwww series by Fr Kelvin Ugwu #Arewapublisize


Go and Take Your smelling tithe - Mtchwww series by Fr Kelvin Ugwu #Arewapublisize
So because your pastor preached that anyone who doesn't pay his or her tithe is robbing God and may even die before the year ends, you quickly dashed to the stationary shop close to your house to buy a brown envelop. You sat on your bed with your calculator, "plus-ing", "minus-ing" and "times-ing" the tithe percentage that you will give to your pastor to give to God on your behalf.

It is the last Sunday of the month and it is tithe Sunday in your church, you are the one leading the queue of those running to the Altar to pay their tithes. Your minister collected your tithe and prayed for you, you now feel relieved that this coming month will be double-double blessings.

After Church, you are back home feeling fulfilled knowing that God will not only bless you this coming month, but you won't die for almost attempting to rob God of his 10% that he so desperately need in other to remain God.

Then you entered the kitchen only to discover that the small girl you got from the village to be your maid had broken a glass cup. You called her, the small girl was so scared that she ran and hid in the toilet. You went for her, you took the broken glass and used it to draw a map on her head and face. She shouted as blood gushes out. She begged that it was a mistake. But no. . .you branded her a witch.

Your own children are in their rooms playing computer games. This poor girl whom you promised her parents to sponsor in school will first of all finish all the house chores alone before she even think of school, a local school for that matter, not the same one your children go to. She will wash clothes and clean the rooms of even your children.

So today, because she broke a glass cup...you now remembered that your money is missing in the house. You have no other suspect except the "witch". You have started grinding pepper to put on her private part. . .

You are evil. You are evil. I said, you are evil. Go and take your smelling tithe. . . mtchwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!



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