Nigeria Court charges a Man the sum of 12 million Naira for Promising a lady marriage and afterwards breaching the promise.

A Court in Lagos state of Nigeria on final verdict on a case of Boyfriend who promised a lady marriage and afterwards refuse to fulfill his promises has awarded the lady the sum of 12 Million naira in compensation. 

Lady sues Boyfriend for refusing to marry her after Promising to marry for 3 years. 

It was reported that the Man had dated the lady for 3 years with promises to marry her but he later decide to call the relationship a quit. 

The lady sued the boyfriend and after the Court has reviewed the case which was found to be similar with the case of Bessela v. Stern, it was declared to be a clear “Breach of Promise of Marriage” as provided for under the Marriage Act.

The court charged the boyfriend to pay the sum of 12 Million Naira to the lady as consolidation fee for the damages done. 

News source: Lagos Watch

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