My Opinion on SEIFAC 2021 ATM collection and Disbursement #Arewapublisize

My Opinion on SEIFAC 2021 ATM collection and Disbursement

 An open Letter on SEIFAC ATM collection / DISBURSEMENT 💰💰💴💰🔥

My own opinion about the so anticipated 'ATM collection' and 'SEIFAC money disbursement is this;

Right now the murals of farmers who applied for Seifac are very low, this is due to the poor communication between SEIFAC and applicants, applicants are surviving on rumours and 'Dem say, dem say'.

 The disbursement should be done before the ATMs are collected. MY REASON👇🏿

 Like seriously most ATMs will be left uncollected at the banks, because some farmers have lost total interest in the program already.


 But when you pay into the SEIFAC accounts, you don't need to force and keep announcing for farmers to come and collect their ATMs.... Stop and think

Common sense will tell you that, when I have money in my account, next? I will get my ATM, in order for that money to be brought out!!

You remember how 65,000 SEIFAC heritage bank accounts went unfunded? It was due to low mural, so this time, disburse and you won't need to keep announcing for ATM collection.

SEIFAC staffs are humans, am not putting blames bro, am just giving a strategy on how to handle people who are low in mural already.

My name is ; 

Andrew Gogo Mngutswenga

Your friend

Forward this message till it reaches the right table!!

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