Music Is step by step - note to artists


Music Is step by step - note to artists
These music thing is step by step. Many upcoming Artistes miss these steps and it affects their result. Although the ultimate BLOW 🔥 is with God, there are things you should do to position yourself for GREATNESS.

Without too much talk, let's get to it. 

1. Record great songs. If the foundation is weak, the building won't last. Work with great producers, managers, rehearse and put out nothing but the BEST. 

2. Branding. Your song must always have something that's you alone. Something that makes it unique. Also, your social media accounts, pictures & videos must be well Branded.

3. Upload and streaming PLATFORMS. Your music properly distributed across for download and streams.

4. Promotions. These comes in different angles. Social Media promo, offline promo, TV, Radio stations, influencing & ALABA market.

5.... Errmmmmmm let me stop here. Today is Sunday, no long talk. For any of this services, reach out to me. 

Daniel Scott Eleh (09058935157)

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