Lara George pens down Tribute to sound sultan #Arewapublisize


Lara George pens down Tribute to sound sultan #Arewapublisize

You won’t get to read this, but I’ll celebrate you anyway. 

Scrolling through my phone and my eyes caught a post today. I thought I was seeing things. But they said you were dead. And I didn’t know when the tears started to pour. And I asked myself why I was crying for someone I barely even knew, right? Then I thought about it again and realized I was wrong. But I DID know you! Industry, yes, but what I’m really talking about is your music. It wasn’t something different. Something special. Something stronger than this realm. I would often mention you and the wet of others like @dareynow and @cobhamsasuquo to my husband, and I would tell him how your music really spoke to my heart. It takes courage to be different and be fearless and unrelenting about it. And you were that. You were just that. Beyond the commerce of it all, your words spoke deep, and they rang true. And I respect that.

You left your mark Sultan. I know you won’t read this, but maybe your wife and your children and your friends and family will. And when they do, they will know without a doubt that you were truly something special!

Rest In Peace, bro! You made your mark in the sands of time. 😢😢😢

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