Hibiscus Tea and prevention of High blood pressure. Facts you never know about Zobo tea.

Hibiscus tea locally called Zobo drink is a tea gotten from the dried calyx of the flower Hibiscus. 

It is red and color. It's used as non alcoholic beverages and it has many health benefits, prevention of diabetes, burning of fats and excess cholesterol, and most importantly it prevents High blood pressure. 


High blood PRESSURE also called Hypertension is a condition that results when your blood pressure is higher than normal. 

Blood pressure is the force generated by the blood motion as it flow through the arteries in your body.

The arteries are the blood vessels that carries blood out of the heart. 

  When the heart pumps blood into the arteries, it creates pressure on your artery walls which is known as blood pressure. 

This pressure generated is normal but when the pressure rise above normal it can cause some health challenges.

Some health challenges that may high blood pressure includes, 
-Higher risk for stroke. 
-Heart diseases
-Heart attack
-kidney failure, etc. 

It is worthy of note that high blood pressure don't just develop most of the times, some factors leads to development of high blood pressure, they includes: 

-High cholesterol in the blood,
-Chronic conditions such as kidney disease, hormonal problems and diabetes
-Family history. 
-Old age 
-Lack of physical activity. 
-Tobacco use or drinking too much alcohol.
-some birth control pills.


The Hibiscus tea(Zobo drink) CONTAINS enzymes and some acidic polysaccharides and flavonoid glycosides, such as cyanide and delphine. It also contains enzyme inhibitors which prevents the production of the enzyme amylase. 

Amylase breaks down complex sugars and starches.

Having too much digested starches produces excess sugar which concentrates the blood and concentrated blood causes high blood pressure.

Zobo relaxes the blood vessels and prevents high absorption of carbohydrates contents which may lead to concentration of the blood. 

It is also a great source of vitamin C 

Zobo tea helps to clear anoxmia and also to burn fat and prevents obesity.

Some health researchers recommends one glass of Zobo tea after each meal for healthy body. 

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