Healthier Substitutes for Bouillon/Seasoning/Stock Cubes

Bouillon/Stock/Seasoning Cubes

What are Bouillon cubes?

Bouillon cubes, also known as stock cubes or seasoning cubes, are dehydrated broth made from vegetables, fat, meat stock, MSG, salt, and seasonings. These cubes are used as flavouring agents.


Bouillon cubes save cooking time. There are vegan and vegetarian versions as well.


Potential Negative Effects of Bouillon Cubes

Most bouillon cubes in the market contain high levels of sodium and MSG. High consumption of sodium can lead to high blood pressure, and MSG has been linked to origins of cancer and other ailments.


Healthier Substitutes for Bouillon cubes

1.      1. Meat Stock

If you’re going to have something like the original, why not have the original itself? Most people love bouillon cubes because of the rich, meaty flavours it adds to food; but meat stock can actually be made simply at home.

Meat stock is the resultant juice from parboiling meat/bones with herbs and spices. This juice adds taste and flavour to different dishes they are used for.


2.       2. Herbs and Spices

This is a wonderful alternative for people who need vegan or vegetarian options. It can however be used by anyone at all, and is a great combination with meats as shown above.

Fresh and quality herbs and spices do not only improve the taste of food, but are also anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and antihypertensive. They also improve the body’s immunity against diseases.

Examples of spices that come in handy in the kitchen are garlic, ginger, thyme, tumeric, basil, onions, bay leaves, peppers, nutmeg etc.

Fresh spices and herbs are recommended, but quality dried ones could suffice.


3.       3. Fermented Seeds

Fermented oil seeds contain nutrients like minerals, fibre, protein, and probiotics. Probiotics also ease the digestion of food.


Probiotics can also help with diarrhoea, ulcers, eczema, bladder cancer, vaginal infections, etc.

Fermented oil seeds are basically used by Africans, and come with famous names like locust beans, iru, dawa-dawa, okpehe, etc.



Bouillon cubes have gotten so popular that it may seem like there will be no good cooking without them. The taste of food when such cubes are used for cooking may also be attractive, but there are some negative effects to the body, of consuming large quantities of these cubes.


Substitute with more natural and organic seasonings, even if just sometimes, to boost health and immunity.

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