Fake Foodstuff Sale in Foreign African Markets: Nigerian Man Laments

 A Nigerian in the diaspora has made a video expressing displeasure at the growing fashion of foreign shops serving fake African food produce and products in so-called African shops.

In a video which has been so popular on Facebook, the man showed pictures of foodstuff which he had bought from African shops abroad, which to his bewilderment, seemed superficial.

One of the foodstuff was fish which seemed to be padded with nylon, supposedly to add girth to the item.

Another suspicious food item was cow hides, referred generally in Nigeria to as "Pomo" which seemed to have too much girth to be from cow.

The man stated expressly that his intention is not to spoil anyone's business; but advised that African markets source produce and products from Africa to prevent the danger of counterfeits.

Other commenters on the post agreed with him, and shared their own experiences from having being defrauded after purchasing fake African food produce/products from African shops abroad.

Watch the video below:


Posted by MrZeey on Sunday, May 23, 2021

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