Does Black Skin Need Sunscreen?

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 Does Black Skin Really Need Sunscreen?

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Over the years, “Black don’t crack” has become a more normal statement to be heard on TV. Black skin is gradually getting recognised and respected for its uniqueness in society.


Everyone everywhere generally seems to believe that with melanin, the skin is always safe in the sun.


But is this totally true?


You Need Sunscreen

Black skin, indeed, is fabulous! It is however a misinformation to think that darker skin tones are completely safe from exposure to sun rays. Historically, black skin– which is very unique and different in some ways from white skin– has not been given enough attention in researches in the field of medicine and dermatology, and therefore, a general ignorance surrounds it.


According to statistics, black people generally have lower incidences of skin cancer. This does not mean there is a total immunity though; and the few times that black people get diagnosed with skin cancer, it gets diagnosed at a later, complex stage.


Why? Because we believe we are not at risk, and so do not give attention to such health matters.


Dr. Meena Singh of the Kansas Medical Clinic says:

“Patients with darker skin tones have a natural SPF of 13” — but when it comes to the sun’s damaging effects, the power of melanin is hugely overstated.

"For one, the natural SPF of 13 that some Black people have in their skin is a lot less than the daily use of a SPF 30 or higher that dermatologists recommend for sun protection.”


But does the use of sunscreen not hinder the manufacture of Vitamin D from the sun?


Dr. Heath says:

“…Even when you wear sunscreen, you are still getting an adequate amount of sunlight to aid with vitamin D conversion.”


The advertising of sunscreens has generally been tailored towards non-black people in the past, which must have made it seem like a particularly white cosmetic. But now,  cosmetics companies are starting to tailor products to the needs of Black people.


Benefits Of Sunscreen On Darker Skin


1.       1. Reduce wrinkles and fine lines by shielding against photo-aging from the sun’s UV rays.


2.      2. Even skin Tone

The sun increases the potential for hyperpigmentation to occur on skin, and wearing sunscreen shields from this.


3. Protect the skin

Our skins naturally should not take too much of sunlight; but sometimes, the cosmetic products we apply to our skin– like orange products, for example– make our skin susceptible to burning and skin cancer. Sunscreens come in handy as protection.

3.      4. Firm the skin

Skin sagging can result from the loss of skin collagen due to photo-aging caused by the exposure to UV rays. Using sunscreen helps to retain skin elasticity and enhances a youthful look.



Sunscreens are important for all skin types, including skins with darker tones. It protects and gives the skin opportunity to look firm and youthful.

People with black skin should make sunscreens a part of their skincare routine, to keep from skin cancer and stay beautiful.




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