"Why do a lot of Nigerians present very late to the hospital?"– Ola's Medical Blog


A medical blog in Nigeria, known as Ola's Medical Blog, has taken to Instagram to lament the state at which Nigerians don't ignore the importance of healthcare, and even when they end up doing, present so late that their condition is very bad and difficult to handle.

She asks:

Why do a lot of Nigerians present very late to the hospital?

Isn't it very logical to see a Doctor once you notice any changes in your body system?

Can we talk about this today?

I'm curious, I want to understand why exactly this keeps happening and ways it can be curtailed?

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To be honest, a lot of things go into making this condition this worse. While for most people, the culture of self-prescription of drugs has become a culture, it still largely boils down to the economic state of Nigeria.

Quality healthcare in Nigeria is a luxury to many, because many a Nigerian lives on a dollar or less, a day. At hospitals, people who can not settle bills do not get attended to. This has also moved many to resort to herbal medicines which largely do not currently have scientific backing.

We are happy that Ola's Medical Blog has started this conversation. Seee her post below:

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