Between Breast Milk Production and Consumption of Palm Wine


Dr. Ayo Renner

Nigeria's favourite paediatrician and influencer, Dr. Ayo Renner, also known  as The Noisy Paediatrician, has again taken to his Instagram page to dismantle a common misconception of mothers. This time, he is dismantling a common myth in Nigeria that drinking palm wine helps induce lactation in nursing mothers.

Palm wine is an alcoholic juice gotten by tapping from the stems of palm trees which also produce palm fruits that are used to make vegetable oil. 

There are a lot of palm trees in Africa, and so palm wine is a very valuable drink, as it is also known to be very nutritious. Palm wine contains Vitamin A, and so is very beneficial for the eyes.

The doctor has said that milk production is rather reduced by alcohol production. See his comment and post below:

See if you attended Obi Cubanas mama burial festival as a nursing mother and you drank palm wine in the hope that it will help your lactation, I hope say e sweet, I hope say e shack you wella because, one drop of breast milk no go commot that brezz, if like finish all the palmie for Oba 😂😂😂😂.

Milk production is reduced by alcohol intake!! Good sleep, good diet, adequate hydration and peace of mind enhance milk production not early morning palm wine or small stout 😂😂😂. @themilkbooster_ can tell you more!

This weekend all of us are from Anambra so leave my accent alone. Me people kuku see me and automatically assume I am Emeka 😂😂😂😂.

See his Instagram post below:

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