American Reacts After Tasting Nigerian Jollof

 Nigerian jollof, also known as Naija jollof or Nigerian jollof rice is a very popular staple in the country. It is a recipe that involves cooking rice with spices and herbs, often served with meat.

Jollof rice came originally from Senegal, but Nigeria is so popular with it today. There are even fights between Nigerian and Ghanaian online users almost yearly about which is better; Ghanaian jollof rice or Nigerian jollof rice.

Of course, we would be subjective to say that Nigerian jollof rice is the best of the both, or of all rices in the world. But here is a video of the reaction of a white American man after tasting the Nigerian jollof rice that his newly moved-in neighbours served him.

Watch and enjoy:

Would you like to get the recipe for cooking Nigerian jollof rice? Comment  your interest below, and I would be at your service!

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