Activist Adeyanju warns Obi Cubana to be more careful not to attract EFCC and FBI just like Hushpuppi


Activist Adeyanju

Political activist Adeyanju has brought out time to issue a very keen warning to billionaire business mogul, Obi Cubana to be more careful over the way he spends his money publicly to avoid ending up in jail.

According to the activist in a tweet, he was comparing Obi Cubana to Hishpuppi how they  negatively impact young people in the society and allow them to be under so much pressure leading them to do something stupid just to be like them.

Obi Cubana 

While making the tweet he wrote.

"This was how some of us kept asking what Hushpuppi was doing that he was throwing money up and down but we were called names and insulted. Today, he is in an American jail.

"Hushpuppi once made several videos mocking me that I am jealous of him. That I should focus on politicians, activism and allow him to enjoy his money. Today, how far? We cannot watch you guys negatively brainwash young people and say nothing."

See image below.

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