A small story about the Christmas period #Arewapublisize


A small story about the Christmas period #Arewapublisize

It was on a Tuesday 2019, a week to Christmas. Then I was working in a military Bar, I woke up with a severe headache and slight fever, but I had no choice than to go to work. "I usually have that kind of feeling when something unusual is about to happen, which I do pray fervently for God to take control."

Since it was December period, many people most especially youths go out to 'hustle' to make the yuletide season a remarkable one. Most of my friends went into Tin mining, because that was the lucrative work at hand. 

Through out my day at work, nothing was fun for me. I was just sober and moody, for no reason. After I closed from work that day, I received a very shocking, terrible and horrific news. (A mining side collapsed with scores of people inside the deep well. Unfortunately, three of my friends were trapped beneath.) 

All effort to rescue everyone alive was abortive. Some where rescued that day, but with serious and critical injuries. Others were rescued the next day. (Just think about the experience of what they passed through.) I can only imagine their pains, anguish, tears, sorrows and bitterness.  

Among my friends, one was brought out from the mining well dead along with other deceased guys. The remaining two and several others were not brought out. "Because the more the rescue team dug to save them, the more the area dangerously collapsed down."

Those whose corpses were not recovered including my two friends, a mass burial was conducted for them. (During that incident, vibrant souls were lost, many brutally injured. Family and friends thrown into mourning. Sad!) 

That is the price they victims paid for genuine hustling. "it is better than stealing." Tho gone, but not forgotten. 17th December 2019. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed REST IN PEACE, AMEN. 

Dedicated to my three friends; Christian, Eugene and Paul who lost their lives that day. 

© Alexander Pius

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