5 Nasarawa state Artists who Stopped making music, focused on other things #Arewapublisize

5 Nasarawa state Artists who Stopped making music, focused on other things #Arewapublisize

The Nasarawa state music industry was sprouting fine , till some of its top artists lost vibes due to the retardness of Entertainment in Northern Nigeria on a general. You could hear cases like the governor of rivers state gave top artists from the state 1 million each to support them? In northern nigeria, it is very hard to blow up and I feel it is more hard in nasarawa state as you could see, there's no A-list Nigerian Artist whose state of origin is from nasarawa state. Check some artists from nasarawa who aren't active again and encourage them not to give up. So far the only active day one is SETH ICON

1. Paper slimzy

Paper slimzy

Paper slimzy was a hit maker and someone who always united the squad. Lately, there be no new songs from the artist as he started schooling. He was always top confirmation on nasarawa state shows, but tapped out perhaps, we pray the whole squad strategize and continue again, because they were really taking over northern nigeria. Vibe to one of Paper slimzy songs below.


Music: paper slimzy - Amen (prod. Genesisofrhymes)

2. LilTsaint Allokazi

Liltsaint allokazi

Allokazi of Lafia as he is fondly called was someone whose heartbeat was Lafia, to him, he really wanted to represent that city to any heights, but the lack of sponsorship and hatred in nasarawa state music industry seem to be taking their real heroes to early career graves. 'Yaron Lafia, a cikin Garin Lafia'. His favorite rhyme, his Excellency Mr. Sule, the governor of nasarawa state is doing so much based on Infrastructure, and should please look into the entertainment industry, nasarawa state has the potentials. Vibe to LilTsaint song below.


Music] Liltsaint Allokazi - son of La (prod. Joe dee)

3. Lyrical Jozzy

Lyrical jozzy

This very Artist went low key for the desire to aquire more skills, left nasarawa, headed to kaduna state to production from the famous DJ cinch. Ever since, He's spot in the nasarawa state music industry has been left blank as the artist is a fierce hausa rapper. Who wan check?, lyrical drops bars. Before he went low key, he had collaborations with mickey d viper, freeze links, Dj cinch, Genesis of rhymez and many more. Vibe to Lyrical Jozzy's song below.


[Music] Lyrical Jozzy ft DJ Cinch - Ubangiji (prod. Dj Cinch)

4. Faqzzy


The 'Next year crooner' went totally lowkey, although lately he's being hyping a new song he's about to put out. Was Lyrical Jozzy's right handed man and their going low key , I see it as a kind of squad became matured, needed to think about the movement and come back big. Issokay!! Expect anything coming from now henceforth as a hit!! Vibe Faqzzy's song below.


Music] Faqzzy - Ife

5. CYKdee


No doubts, was the Zlatan of Lafia, dropped basically party hits was the life of the party, his lowkey could be attributed to school, most artists go low when they start school at the first instance, we wish to see him bounce back. The marlians leader of Lafia will be back and better, there's no cap. Anticipate his comeback.


[Music] Cyk Dee - Small money, big charge (prod. Yung swag) 




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