(VIDEO) Female Orgasms are Fake- Radio Show Says

Let’s talk about orgasms!


A group of 4 all-male panel on the Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show have tackled female sexuality in a relatively new and audacious point of view. According to the team while speaking about women and sex, women don’t have the natural ability to orgasm, and so the few who do, are only just acting up or pretending.


In a 9 month old clip that has resurfaced and ended up becoming so popular on Tiktok, Twitter and Youtube, one, of the presenters begins: “Any woman that is climaxing is becoming a man. Because it’s not normal for women to do that.”


He’s supported by a second: “Right? I think it’s a lie. I don’t think they do that.”


“I think it feels good, but the climaxing part? I’m not so sure about that.”


The first man continues: “I don’t even know if you’re doing that or not, but don’t even try. Because if it’s natural, you’d naturally do it.”


“But the fact you’re trying to make something happen, you’re becoming a man. That’s turning you into a male.”


“A fake man, but a man. Not a real man. A drag queen man.”


Then a third chips in: “It’s a perversion!”



If this was their best shot, then it seems to have been an extremely weak attempt, as it seems their opinions are largely unpopular. They have been criticised strongly for them by women and men alike. Some comments in Youtube read:


"I feel sorry for any of their partners."


"How to tell the world you have never satisfied a woman without saying you’ve ever satisfied a woman. I feel sorry for the women in your life and sorry our education system failed you all in so many ways."


"Can’t wait to be turned into a man multiple times this weekend by my boyfriend. 😊"


"Omg this is SO embarrassing for you all. Out here admitting to not being able to please a woman."


"Lmao at this point y’all actually do not like women at all. Perhaps you should date each other!!!😃"

What do you think? Are female orgasms fake? Watch the full video below to listen to this and a host of other things they discussed:

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