Tight Shoes? Interesting Ways to Make them stretch a Little


Tight shoes are discomforting, and discomforting shoes are one of the worst fashion accessories. How do you dance with such shoes? How do you stay at an event without having to pull them off? How do you even walk like the king or queen that you are? 

It is best to ensure you buy shoes that are right for your feet. But if not, here are ways to adjust the tight shoes you already have, to avoid having problems:

1. Wear them around the house

Sometimes, a little bit of stretching is all your shoes need to fit, and over a period of continued use, all shoes will stretch. Why then don’t you make it a habit of wearing such shoes around the house?

To fasten things up, try wearing them with a pair of socks. Take some breaks when you feel any discomfort before resuming the regimen.

After a while, your feet should ease in.

2. Stuff them up

Maybe the first method did not work and your feet got too uncomfortable. Try stuffing the shoes with materials like socks, towels, newspapers.

Allow to sit for as long as you want and try them on again when you can.

3. The socks and blow dryer method

Wear pair of thick socks or a couple of normal sized ones, then put on the shoe in question. Turn on your hair dryer and apply to the areas you feel discomfort for 30 seconds at a time.

Excessive heat can damage the shoe leather, so keep the dryer on medium heat.

After this, keep the shoes aside to rest and cool before wearing them.

4. Try shoe stretchers

There are available shoe stretch liquids and sprays that work on fabric, vinyl or leather. Spray them on the shoes and walk in them.

There are also some adjustable shoe stretchers that can be used on their own or together with the shoe sprays and liquids to complement each.

5. Visit a cobbler

You don’t have the time for any of the above procedures? Try a shoe cobbler!

There are some expert cobblers (AKA Shoe shiners) who can resize any shoe. They have the expertise, tools, and equipment to give you a satisfactory finished product.


Tight shoes can cause you discomfort, deform your toes, aggravate foot problems or even harm your joints. Never buy shoes that don’t fit, and if by chance you do, make sure you resize them to fit before using.

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