Seyi Shay Speaks Again, Defends Herself

Following the drama that ensued between Nigerian female musicians Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage at a hair salon yesterday, the internet has been abuzz with the news. Videos of the incident have been shared relentlessly on social media, prompting opinions from different people. 

Many who have spoken on the issue though have sided with Tiwa Savage, stating that Seyi Shay deserved what she got after subbing Tiwa Savage all these years. The general consensus is that Seyi Shay ought not to have approached Tiwa Savage so unexpectedly to and with that air of familiarity when they have unsettled beef.

Seyi Shay has launched a lot of defamatory attacks on Tiwa Savage in the past, which the fellow singer has ignored all these years. Seyi Shay even wrong a diss song with singer, Victoria Kimani during the Fuck You Challenge era.

After the recent incident at the salon, Seyi Shay has come out to defend herself. In a private voice call which has been broadcast on social media, Seyi is heard to have said that the recent show of anger by Tiwa Savage is definitely not due to the Fuck You Challenge:

Since the Fuck You Challenge, we've seen each other in different places. I've said hello, she said hello back. We've even entered the same private jet together. We've taken pictures together. In my mind, I was like why is she acting crazy.

She's definitely angry about something, but it cannot be the Fuck You Challenge. After how long?

She also added on Tiwa Savage swearing on her son's life that she has never badmouthed her anywhere before: 

First of all, I'm confused on how a mother swears on her son's life.

She says I have a dirty spirit. In my mind I was like, it takes a dirty spirit to know a dirty spirit.

She added that she was pained when Tiwa Savage cursed her with barreness, but regrets that that part is missing from the videos circulating around.

The part I did not see on Tunde Ednut's post was when she said 'Seyi you won't give birth. God won't give you a Child. I know you're looking for a child'. She said it in Yoruba. It hurt me because I've had a miscarriage before.

Who told her I was looking for a child. Is she stalking me?. I guess it's those recent pregnancy rumours between her and her boyfriend.

She added: 

I didn't respond because I wanted everything she said to be clear. Come on, I said hello to you, you said hi back, we exchanged pleasantries, I walked away. You came back 20 minutes later....

She also expressed more greviances and wrongdoings she alleges Tiwa Savage has done to her: 

This is the same person that went to sing my song. One of her biggest songs ever, 'Mr Lova Lova'. I co-wrote that song. I called her to tell her to give me my credit. She said no, she doesn't believe I co-wrote it. That the song is out already. I recorded the whole conversation....


This is the same girl that went to attack a popular male artist we all know for featuring on one of my song, and featuring on her song too.

And also.... 

This is the same girl that went to approach a very big brand that we all know, and threatened to take them to court unless they take me off the ambassadorship because she was pregnant at the time.

All these things that have been going on all these years that I've said nothing about.

The conversation can be heard from a Facebook page Here


Well, many still aren't having it from Seyi Shay.  During the altercation yesterday, she had refused to address her issues right there with Tiwa Savage saying, ".... Because I'm not petty". Tiwa Savage was also heard saying repeatedly that she has never wronged the singer.

So, what do you think of her side of the story? 

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