Physician Reveals why Women despise Family planning in developing countries.

Over population has become one of the biggest problems of developing countries of which family planning has been introduced to minimize.

However, many women are very reluctant to emback on the process for many reasons. 
Physician Reveals Why women despise Family planning. 

The Chairman, Technical Committee, Association for the Advancement of Family in Nigeria, Dr. Ejike Oji, has revealed the reason why most women especially Nigerian women has refused to accept family planning. 

In a meeting with journalists on AAFP/HEWLETT Voices Planning in Abuja on Friday, he said that infant mortality is a major impediment to the acceptance of family planning by women.

He explained that for the fear of possible deaths, mothers choose to produce many children. 

“Many women because of high mortality rate feel better having more children with fear that few are likely to survive.

“They will think to make more children in a situation where they continue to experience child mortality, so they prefer to live by chance of having many so that few will be alive at last,” he said.

He said that the country needs to be moved forward for development and that would only be possible if the total fertility rate reduces to about four per cent.

He emphasized that the only way of maintaining a minimum fertility rate is by family planning which is now unacceptable by mothers because of poor health care of the county. 

He called upon the government to strengthen the country’s health system and to address the unmet maternal needs in order to assure these mothers of the safety of their children. 

Oji also emphasized on the need for education which will aid in educating people on the implications of high fertility rate on the economic stability of the country. 

A member of the Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria, Dr. Okai Aku also suggested that the easiest way the importance of family planning could be disseminated and encouraged is to engage journalists who can reach a varieties of heterogeneous audience. 

He urged journalists to never retard in writing about family planning and its benefits. 

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