OFFICIAL: Netherlands part ways with head coach after underwhelming Euros outing

 Netherlands have parted ways with manager, Frank de Boer after he failed to meet expectations at the European Championships.

The Dutch were knocked out by Czech Republic on Sunday evening in a 2:0 win for the Czechs who will now face Denmark in the quarterfinal.

The full statement on the Dutch National team official website read thus:

After consultations in Zeist between Nico-Jan Hoogma, Eric Gudde, Frank de Boer and his agent Guido Albers this afternoon, it has been decided that both parties will separate with immediate effect. 

Frank de Boer has announced that he does not want to continue, which is also in line with the contract between both parties, which required a place in the quarterfinals. That contract will therefore not be renewed. 

Frank de Boer: “In anticipation of the evaluation, I have decided not to continue as national coach. The target has not been achieved, that is clear. When I was approached to become national coach in 2020, I thought it was an honor and a challenge, but I was also aware of the pressure that would come on immediately from my appointment. That pressure is only increasing now, and that is not a healthy situation for me, nor for the selection in the run-up to such an important game for Dutch football on the way to World Cup qualification. 

I want to thank everyone, of course the fans and the players. Compliments also to the management who have created a real top sports climate here on the Campus.” 

Nico-Jan Hoogma: “Despite all of Frank's efforts, the goal of at least reaching the quarterfinals has not been achieved. If that had not been achieved, we would evaluate, which could possibly have produced a different outcome. We had bet on a better European Championship, but that didn't work out. The choice for Frank turned out differently than we had hoped. 

A successor must now be found by me, after good internal consultation. It is imperative to do so, because on September 1 we will play the important qualifier against Norway in Oslo. We will now evaluate further, broader than just the coach, sharpen the profile, do the work that can be expected of us here.”

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