NASTY!: 5 Areas at Home with the Most Germs


With the arrival of Covid-19, health, safety, and wellness have become a significant part of our vocabulary and daily struggle. The Coronavirus was spread when social distancing rules were not respected, but it was also spread by coming in contact with infected surfaces.


It is very important at home to keep all areas clean and disinfected, but some places are quite easy to ignore or are so difficult to manage that they get neglected; somehow, these underrated places hold the most germs and deserve being attentive to and wary of.


Below are 5 places at home that have the most potential to house the most terrible germs:


1.      1. Door knobs

Maybe you have visitors entering your home. You can never be too sure about the last time they washed their hands or whatever germs their hands may be housing at the moment.

Or maybe your kids went out to play and returned with dirt on their hands and opened the door without your knowledge.

The hands are the easiest places to carry and transmit germs to other surfaces, our skin, or by swallowing. And hands use door knobs quite often so they can leave some dirt hanging there.


2.      2. Mobile phones

Mobile phones equally hold a lot of germs and can spur transmission of diseases. Whatever the hand holds without knowing can be transmitted to phones as they are our most favourite accessories.

Remember, you can remember to wash your hands or disinfect them, but do you remember to disinfect your phones?


3.      3. Light Switches

Seems like a very innocent place, doesn’t it?

But how often do you clean and sanitise this area? Do you even keep count of the very different hands that touch this, and when they do?

For all intents and purposes, the moment you step into the house, you just instinctively think to turn on the light. But what do you leave behind on that switch?


4.      4. Remote control

Grab it!

That’s what we do! Grab the remote control and use it! But what germs could be hiding on this tool? The remote control is also one of the things at home that visitors or the kids touch at will.

So, do you sanitise your remote control? Doing so would make a huge difference.


5.      5. Toothbrush holder

After brushing, your toothbrush should be wet. Germs love to thrive and feed in such places.

If your toothbrush holder is located in your bathroom, there is a chance that some splashing could even land on it, giving such bacteria food to thrive on. It is advised to change brushes regularly, and disinfect toothbrush holders weekly, or even as often as possible.



Certain areas in the home are places for germs to thrive. Most of these germs, if they get into our mouths or our skin, they can result in diseases whose symptoms can be overbearing.


But, do not panic!


All you have to do is do a little bit more of cleaning here and there and you’d be fine. Also, remember to wash your hands regularly.

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