Moment Man Attacks the President of France at Public Event

A serious event happened in Drôme in southeast France yesterday. At a public event, French president Emmanuel Macron advanced towards the crowd to say hello. To a man in a green shirt particularly, he reached out to pat on the arm. But was he prepared for what he got? 

The man's reaction to the president was not in the least welcoming nor accepting, as he reached out and slapped the president on the cheek, shouting "Down with Macronism", before he was intercepted and held down by the president's personal security. The man and another man, both 28 year olds, have been arrested and are both in detention in relation to the offense. 

French media has widely referred to the incident as a slap, but the administration says it was only an attempted slap.

“We must respect the Republic’s offices, and I will never give up this fight,” President Macron said in an interview about the incident in a local newspaper, adding that he does not want “ultraviolent individuals” to dominate the public debate.

Public attacks on the president have increased, especially with his advancing reelection bid for next year. In 2019, political protesters booed him at the Bastille Day military parade. The recent incident though, has been widely criticised, even by his critics and political opponents.

Watch the video below and decide. Is this a slap, or an attempted slap?

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