"Before I used to see myself as a musician, but now, I see myself as a father" - Wizkid encourages family love over every other thing.

Popular Nigerian singer, Ayo Balogun, generally known as Wizkid, shares his opinion about choosing between career and family. He said that fatherhood means more to him than anything else even his music career. 

He revealed this in video he shared on his YouTube channel while celebrating the tenth anniversary of his debut album. 

He said, “My son is like my best friend. He calls me every day and we have the craziest conversations. He is nine. It is very important for me to keep family together. That is one thing my parents always instilled into us— to understand that there is nothing more important than family. Fatherhood means everything to me. Before I used to see myself as a musician, but now, I see myself as a father. I am a father before anything else.”

The singer also shared his experiences while growing up which has inspires his love for family. 

“Growing up in a very spiritual home in Lagos really opened my mind. My dad is a Muslim, while my mum is a Christian. I used to go to the mosque with my dad and go to the church with my mother. That really opened my mind to know that the biggest religion in life is love. Love is the biggest religion I follow. The most important thing to me is family.” he narrated. 

Speaking on how Lagos inspires
he attribute his success in the music industry to him coming from a good home and also to growing up in a conducive and comfortable environment. 

He said, 
“Lagos is what defines me and that is why everything I am today, were things I learnt from that side. Most of my childhood was spent in Surulere. It was amazing for me. I still have flashbacks every time I am in the studio. I was the last child of the family. I wasn’t spoilt but I had my ways sometimes"

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