Garlic and Sexual Health: 3 Interesting Benefits


Do you love garlic? I shamelessly love garlic!


Majority of people that I know do not necessarily love garlic, especially because of it’s very strong smell which lingers for a long time after consumption. The spice however, is spectacular, and never ceases to amaze us.


The powerful, medicinal bulbs of garlic, smaller in size than an average sized onion, have been tested and confirmed to have immense healing properties beneficial to different areas of body health:

-          Garlic regulates blood cholesterol levels.

-          Garlic protects against chronic diseases.

-          Garlic is an anti-inflammatory agent.

Let’s consider 3 interesting ways that this herb could offer immense benefits to human sexual health:

1. Garlic as an antioxidant

Garlic is a wonderful source of antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect the body by neutralising free radicals which may lead to chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Free radicals are produced in the process of digestion or by exposure to tobacco smoke or radiation.

A review of 18 studies concluded that the antioxidant properties of garlic makes it help the body to boost sperm production and increase levels of testosterone in the body, which are vital for sexuality and fertility.


2. Garlic and the S-allyl Cysteine

Findings from a study on animals show that garlic improves male fertility through a compound in it known as S-allyl cysteine. S-allyl Cysteine leads to increase in testosterone levels, and boosts sperm production.

Infertility is a major barrier to joy and satisfaction in most marriages today. But garlic comes in once again with grace. The theory currently has limited studies in human males, but further research will show more clarity.


3. Garlic and Blood Flow

Lower blood circulation results in erectile dysfunction in men, but garlic has been proven to improve blood vessel function and increase blood flow. 

Garlic also helps to increase levels of nitric oxide which improves blood vessels dilation, and consequently promotes better blood circulation in the body.



Isn't this enough reason to eat more garlic? 

Garlic has proven itself as a wonderful health booster. There are a thousand and one reasons why this ingredient should remain a staple in any kitchen.


Garlic adds flavour to foods, but goes further to exceptionally protect and heal the body from diseases. After chopping or grinding garlic, it is best to let it sit for some minutes before cooking. This increases the amount of allicin in it.


Allicin is a compound responsible for many of the health benefits associated with the ingredient.

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