Are Moldy Tomatoes Edible?


Socio-economic circumstances determine that not everyone will be careful about what to eat or when to eat. There are some people who have less than 3-square meals a day, and there are those who have more than 3, but eat highly junk food. 

Tomatoes are wonderful vegetables, and are included in many food recipes. When some families can not afford to get the freshest of them though, it would be ideal to opt for smaller quantities or a little spoilt ones which are cheaper. 

A Nigerian doctor however has warned that this could have some dire consequences. According to him, the mold on the tomatoes show that it is infected with fungus that damage the liver. 

See his tweet below:

A website known as Eat or Toss agrees that spoilt tomatoes are toxic to body health. According to the website:

"A tomato like this could also be bad news for allergy sufferers. Certain molds, including some that grow on food, dispatch allergy and asthma-aggravating spores into the air. Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and other allergy symptoms could be the result of airborne mold spores"

Stay careful. Stay healthy!

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